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European appearance,simple fashion

JTYL420 travel trailer uses the common European towed recreational vehicle shape design scheme, the overall look more simple fashion, belongs to the home type of recreational vehicle, and provides a variety of body color options.

Small recreational vehicle,everything is ready

The overall length of this travel trailer is less than 6 meters, the length, width and height are 5660 (including brackets) 2170 2580mm, but the space inside the car is not cramped, the front, middle and back three areas are clearly divided, the car is equipped with toilet, washstand, bath, living room, open kitchen.There are big Windows on both sides of the living room, convenient for enjoying the scenery on the road anytime and anywhere. recreational vehicle also equipped with air conditioning, LCD TV, VCD, refrigerator, microwave oven, gas stove, water heater and other electrical appliances.The starting of electrical appliances is completely dependent on the ac generator for power supply. In the case of external power supply, it will be replaced by external power supply.It is also equipped with many safety devices.

High competitive price

The L420 towing trailer has a total mass of 1060kg, which is relatively low for a tractor. A family car with a displacement of more than 1.6l can be towed.The front side of the recreational vehicle is provided with a front spare box, and the inside is a space for storing gas tank, clean water tank and spare tire.There are also two large storage bins on the right side of the car, which can be used to store luggage needed during the trip.The whole interior decoration is warm and comfortable.The price is not high, very grounding, so that you can spend less money, have a car belongs to their own recreational vehicle.


JTY-L420 Basic parameter
Outside length*width*height(mm) 5660/2170/2580 Tire quantity 2
Inside length*width*height(mm) 4140/1980/1950 Axle Rubber torsion axle
Total weight(ton) 1.06 Brake form Inertia braking
Driving form tractor Draft gear Inertial gear(with hand brake)
Traction head standard 50mm Max number of residents 4
Tire specification 185R14C Front guide wheel JTY
Rim Aluminumalloy Parking jack(by hand)QTY 4
External device
Door(screen door) window(Window screen, sun shade) Head stock baggage compartment Right front baggage compartment
Right rear baggage compartment European 13 - core trailer plug Whole car LED light Outdoor LED light
Adjustable external power port Two-way ventilation skylight 200W solar power charge(Half of the flexible plate) Manual awning (3*2.5)
Front and rear stainless steel transfer handles Full size spare tire (aluminum alloy steel ring)
Interior device
LG floor Twin seat (available in 1.4*2 double bed) Bed condole ark2 sets Ambry condole ark
wardrobe ambry Stainless steel rail bathroom
Upper and lower transverse bed (upper and lower reversible) High resilience mattress Inside LED light LED Mood Lighting
Circuit centralized control panel Bed LED light 4pcs DC power socket4pcs 12V car refrigerator(55liters)
12V1000WAll-in-one charger and inverter 100AH battery 1P air condition(220V) 800WInduction cooker
220V water heater(10liters) 12V RV water pump Pull type water saving shower Food grade trailer pipeline
80 liters clean water tank Portable toilet 40 litersdirty water tank
Optional device
TV revolving rack 32inch TV Set ford cartridge type electric flush toilet Removable stainless steel exterior kitchen
5KG gas tank Gas water heater

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